Open Source <br><strong>Against COVID-19</strong>

Open Source
Against COVID-19

Let this open source initiative inspire governments and organizations to be generous and show solidarity. Together, we will find a solution.

All the information available on this website is open source.

Masks for citizens

This model can be used by everybody to create their own mask.

Mask Covers FFP3
Wearing mask in public - scientific basis

Document with the scientific arguments in favor of wearing a mask in public

Mask covers FFP2
Mask covers FFP2

This model was used for the production of mask covers at the University Hospital Saint-Luc, Belgium

Contact Tracing Apps

A note on standards and applications for automatic contact tracing by Prof. Axel Legay (PhD) and Prof. ord. Jean-Luc Gala (MD, PhD).

Sterilization procedure for masks

Links to Universities and/or hospitals who have shared their procedures open source.

Do you have an open source solution to help fight COVID-19 and you want your solution to be shared?

We kindly ask you NOT to contact Prof. Dr. JL Gala nor the University Hospital Saint-Luc and their respective teams. They are helping saving lives right now. Let them work.

Thank you for your understanding.